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A Selection of Danish Commercial Properties We Manage…

Correct areas in relation to leases.

With previous administrator: Incorrectly calculated areas, so the owner’s have had an excessive deduction of total expenses.

Consumption and optimization of joint / operating accounts.

We revise to the “correct” expenses and “the correct” distribution of the cost to the tenants in relation to the statement of joint / business accounts.

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Since 2011 we have outsourced property management and bookkeeping to Sofus Administration and we are extremely pleased with the cooperation.

Sofus Administration works professionally and professionally with our properties and tenants, which helps keep track of everything from rental charges to consumption accounts.

At the same time, we get credible figures and votes in the form of quarterly reporting as well as an internal financial statements prepared for our auditor.

In our day-to-day collaboration, we are delighted with Sofu’s proactive approach to property management, which assures us that there is nothing that falls between two chairs.
The service level is high and the employees are highly competent, enterprising and friendly.

We provide Sofus Administration with our very best recommendations.

Henrik Mikkelsen, partner

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We use Sofus Administration as one of our permanent external partners in property management.
On behalf of Capital Investment, Sofus Administration addresses a wide range of tasks around the properties where we have overall responsibility.

This means everything from rental charges, notifications and consumption accounts to payment of suppliers, accounts and accounts. All delivery expenses are approved and paid through an integrated workflow system.

We also use CFO services from Sofus Administration for reporting and budget follow-up. In this connection, we have gained our own direct access to Sofus Administration’s management information system.

Sofus Administration’s professionally skilled employees and their fully-developed IT system constantly ensure that the tasks are solved optimally.

If you need a partner who specializes in real estate management at a reasonable price, we can only give Sofus Administration our warmest recommendations.

Claus Klostermann, partner

Capital Investment A/S

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