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We are committed to being at the forefront of Real Estate Accounting and Management
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Many years of work in the real estate industry has resulted in our extensive experience. This helps us to always make the right choices. When need to solve administrative and management tasks for many different types of property companies worldwide.

We always manage and report accurately and in a timely manner to ensure optimum cooperation for all parties. We have the skills and experience to ensure that the administration of your commercial properties in Denmark is fulfilled to the highest management standards.

The key to our success is a combination including professional experience, optimal tailored client solutions, dedicated hard working employees. We take pride in our products and solutions and of course not least, great clients and business partners.

Business transparency and uncluttered systems are key to the satisfaction of our valued clients.
We use document tracking and scanning software that we use daily to our customers benefit.

We will be delighted to bringing all this experience to your bespoke property management and commercial administration solution. We look forward to doing business with you.

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Meet our team

Sofus Ejedomsadministration Torben Møltoft Christensen

Torben Møltoft Christensen

CEO and Business Owner

My experience in accounting, financial management and property portfolio spans to more than 35 years. After I became the CEO of Sofus Administration in October 2010, the company has grown steadily, to my great pleasure, which amongst other things is because we constantly try to be at the forefront of Real Estate Accounting and Management. The key to our succes is a combination of professionalism, experience, optimal solutions, committed and loyal employees and last but definitely not least good customers and business partners.

We look forward to bringing all this experience to your bespoke property management and commercial administration solution.

Lonny Petersen

Property Administration

I have worked with property administration and accounts for several types of properties for the past 10 years.

My primary area of responsibility at Sofus Administration is our tenants. I take care of rent collections as well as consumption accounts, notifications and all contact with tenants and owners.

I joined Sofus Administration in 2022.

Anette Bennesen - Ejendomsadministration

Anette Bennesen

Property Administration

I have worked in the property industry since 1986. In 2007 I switched to property administration and since 2016 have worked at Sofus Administration, where today I primarily have day-to-day responsibility for our business tenants with all facets of the administration. I take care of rent collections as well as consumption and operating accounts, notifications and all contact with tenants and owners.

Louise Schack Juel Russell

Property Administration

I have worked with accounting, bookkeeping and customer service for many years. At Sofus Administration, I work with property administration. I get to know and solve the daily challenges so that both our tenants and owners get the best possible service.

I was employed by Sofus Administration in 2021.

In 2021 I started EjendomDanmark’s EA property manager training.

Thomas Berg Johnsen - Bogholderi

Thomas Berg Johnsen


In the bookkeeping department we are responsible for handling the bookkeeping for a larger portfolio of residential properties, commercial properties and shopping centers as well as owner associations.

We focus on optimizing all kinds of processes in workflow, payments and bookkeeping.

I have been employed by Sofus since 2011.

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Marlene Pehrson


The team is excited to welcome another new colleague in Sofus.

Marlene has many years of experience within our work field with property administration. And she is bringing great competencies into our present and future it systems.

Marlene is primarily working in the bookkeeping department.

We are looking forward to the collaboration.

Marlene will join Sofus on February 15th 2024.


Jan Jensen

Accounting and Controlling

I work with the maintenance of master information and the preparation of monthly or quarterly reports. Often there are short deadlines while reporting also includes provisions and accruals as well as reconciliations to external material – in addition to consolidation in group relations.

I joined Sofus Administration in 2015.

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Peter Weih Jørgensen

Accounting and Controlling

I mainly work with reconciliations and preparing monthly and quarterly reports. The ultra-short deadlines for submitting the financial reports place great demands on the entire organization, which I help to optimize. I am also often in dialogue with the property administration about consumption and operating accounts, where we focus on streamlining the processes.

I became part of Sofus Administration on January 1st 2024 in a newly created position due to an increased influx of customers.

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